Summer Soirée
June 22-24

Registration DETAILS!



Summer Soirée 2018 REGISTRATION - OPEN Sunday, April 1, 2018


Tickets are not transferable; if you must drop out, we want to be able to extend your place to the next person "on the wait list." In the unfortunate event that you can't use your ticket, please contact register right away.

Refunds: If your registration has been processed and confirmed, your ticket will be refunded up until June 15, less a $25 administrative fee. After June 15, there are no refunds.

Travel Insurance Advised: Please consider purchasing travel insurance as there are no refunds or transfers even if medical reasons prevent your attendance.


Role Balancing: We are NOT role or gender balancing! Everyone dances with everyone!

The new form has space for ONLY one registrant.

You will have a choice to pay immediately (via Paypal or credit card - you can use your credit card with Paypal without having a Paypal account) or you can choose Pay Later which will put you on the waitlist.

You will get an email shortly that will reflect what you ordered. In a few weeks you will get an official confirmation if you paid.

Reminder: No camping or overnight vehicles at Warren Wilson. And no pets on campus, sorry!!

If you have any problems with registering with the form; please send an email to dance, and let me know what error or problem you are having, including the browser version you are using. (Note any other questions should be sent to register@


Dance Ticket (25 and over) $120
Youth (UNDER 25) (one week ONLY; then youth is full price)* $95
Food/ Meal Plan (breakfast, lunch, breakfast in the college cafeteria), Saturday Night Divine Dinner and Sunday Catered Sandwich Lunch. $60
Dorm room, 2 nights, shared $60
Dorm room, 2 nights, single $120

Helpful details for those who have not been to Summer Soirée:

Food: The College meal plan covers breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday breakfast. Most dancers find the food at Warren Wilson to be more than exceptionally good by college cafeteria standards. There is a wide variety including plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options. The Saturday Night Dinner in the Pavilion the last few years is one of the high points - Whole Foods caters a lovely dinner of roast prime rib of beef as well as a chicken entree, plus as a vegetarian option. There are plenty of gluten free options as well. Sunday lunch is a sandwich - and there is no gluten free option, at this time, but if we need to do that we can. We will have snacks on hand, as well, -- lots of fruit, and yummy treats, as usual. Dinner on Friday is on your own.


It is strictly bring your own towels and linens.

Guests: We hate to disappoint anyone, but we can't accommodate any non-dancing guests unless they are fully paid for the weekend.

Did you read all that? Great! Please Register here!

Thank you for being the success of Summer Soirée!! I can't wait to dance with you!

M.-J. Taylor,
Folk-alizer for Summer Soirée


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