Details, Details! Summer Soirée 2017!

In a few days, we will be dancing together! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am.

We’re contra dancing with Great Bear 6.0 (Andrew and Noah Van Norstrand, Mama Bear Kimberlee Yerton, Chris Miller, Steve Padin and Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens) and Eloise & Co, the new hot Northeastern band (Becky Tracy, Rachel Bell and Owen Morrison), with Diane Silver and Jesse Edgerton calling!

Download the schedule now.

We also have Joyful Noise (Cailen Campbell and George Paul) for waltzing – and will have Rob Zisette join George Paul in Playing with Fyre for a new early hour on Friday night at 7pm in the Pavilion. We will contra dance until midnight both nights (an extra hour and you can thank Jordy Williams for nagging me until I agreed) -- but you may want to slip away early to the Pavilion for the late night blues with DJ Matt Johnson, 11:30pm to 1:30am both evenings.

Blues dancers will love the two blues workshops on Saturday afternoon, presented by Hannah Clark and Charlie Myers – the 1pm workshop for beginners, and a more advanced workshop will follow at 2pm.

There will be a Rush Fest in the Pavilion Saturday morning, and a waltz workshop with Scott Baxla in Bryson followed by waltzing to Joyful Noise until noon.

Other wonderful workshops include a Callers Workshop with special guest, George Marshall PLUS a Flatfooting Workshop with Becca Molaro.

45 Minute Medley Contra on Saturday Afternoon!

I’m very excited to tell you Diane Silver will be calling a 45 minute medley during the Saturday afternoon ‘advanced’ dance. You may want to book a partner for that. Medleys are a great time to play with switching partners mid-line and you may also want to switch lines at the end so that you’ve danced with everyone in the hall before the medley is finished.

IMPORTANT Reminders and
Details for Everyone! Please do read through these reminders on what to bring and some of the college's basic rules:

  • Please print out a program to bring with you!
  • Check in is at 5 pm for everyone. No early arrivals, please. Thanks!
  • Bring a Water Bottle, please! (Cups will be in short supply and are not allowed in Bryson Hall, so a covered water bottle that won't spill is green and clean!)
  • Also we are very tight this year, so please no dance bags on the main dance floor ... please stow things on either side of the stage and not along the walls where we dance. We need every inch of space for safe dancing, please! Thank you!
  • Linens: If you are staying on campus, don't forget sheets and towels, a pillow and light blanket. Everyone is housed in air-conditioned Sunderland this year, so you probably won't need a fan.
  • The weather gods are listening to our prayers - low humidity, cool nights and little chance of rain! Asheville weekend weather forecast.
  • Parking: Please park only in in the lots designated by the registration staff and be sure to get a parking pass for your dashboard. The college has said they will tow if we park where we don't belong. No parking near the chapel on Sunday. Best to stay on "our" side of the road.
  • First Time to Summer Soirée? Here are directions and a campus map to download.
  • I must remind you there is NO Swimming on campus
  • No CAMPING on campus.
  • MEAL TIMES are on the schedule, but it can't hurt to repeat important details! Saturday breakfast is from 7:30-8:30 am in the cafeteria; lunch, from noon until 1 pm in the cafeteria; dinner in the Pavilion at 6 pm - if you're gluten free, please show up 15 minutes early - we have a special chicken entree for you. Sunday breakfast is at 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Lunch in the garden on Sunday at noon. Of course, there are always evening snacks around the break (10ish) but whatever you are doing on Saturday afternoon, you will want to stop by the garden outside Bryson for cookies and lemonade around 3 pm.
  • Bring your instruments; Nic Coker will be on hand to keep the jam going in the garden outside Bryson when we're not dancing! You know I can't wait to dance with you!!